Your Holiday Nano Pill Wardrobe



Here at Pf Magazine we have teamed up with MI5 to bring you the nano pill holiday wardrobe.

With more and more airlines charging extra fees for items such as gel nail extensions, bras, and the snot from your nose; with your best foot forward you can, with our help, limit your luggage to one, approved, carry on item.

Let’s start with that all important piece of luggage.

The Tartan Tantilliser: There isn’t another weekend bag like this on the market. This bag will convert from a luggage- to day- to evening bag. With just a little knowledge of Origami it will transform in a matter of hours. There is a handy opening in the lining for you to store the excess material as you reduce its size. This material takes up most of the available interior space, leaving just enough room for two small items of your choosing. This bag is designed with couples in mind as we all know that whatever your guy wears it will have nice, deep pockets. N.B Don’t let him pack his budgie smugglers.

The Ambidextrous Armoire: The clue is in the name, this is your versatile wardrobe selection. Your one, ‘go to’ statement piece that will fulfill a variety of needs. A toweling tabard, that has retractable sleeves enabling you to go from the warmth of the daytime temperatures to the cooler evening chill. It has the added bonus of providing you with a comfortable undergarment for lazing on the beach, it will dry you off after a dip in the pool, and make a powerful statement as you go sleeveless, gathering the excess material above your shoulders; giving you an Alexis Carrington, 1980’s, powerhouse appearance.

The ‘Faff Free’ Flats-To-Heels Collection: This is where MI5 have really excelled themselves. Feel like a 007 agent with the flip down heels, not only do you get the extra height to make you feel glamorous as you go from day to evening, the sandals also come with snap on bling that your guy can keep handy for any occasion, under his Sombrero.

The, Non-Alliterated, Bic 4 Colour Rechargeable Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen: This is a must when choosing one of your two ‘small items’ to fit in the Tartan Tantilliser. Another stroke of genius by MI5, you no longer need to take up valuable space with all those unnecessary bits from your makeup bag. This one pen has it all covered. Red for lips, black for eyeliner and lashes, blue and green for lids.

And there you have it, what else do you need apart from clean undies and some factor 50. Always date a ginger, he will make damn sure he has enough factor 50 for both of you.

Lisa Ives for Pf Magazine


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