Woman Heroically Sabotages Mother-in-Law’s Move


Adelaide, Australia–It seemed like any other Sunday until Andrea Whitfield and her husband Derek received an earth shattering call. It was Derek’s mother calling to inform them that she intended to move from Brisbane, a comfortable 2000km away, to their town of Adelaide.

“Every hair on the back of my neck stood up,” Andrea said. “I could handle her once a year, generally I would just get so drunk I’d forget who we were visiting anyway, but with her 5 minutes away I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope.”

Andrea knew she had to act fast to thwart her mother-in-law’s impending move. She started by casing all active real estate listings within a 30km radius of the couple’s home, “I figured if I became a real estate agent I could just sell the bulk of available properties and sabotage the rest,” she explained.

And sabotage Andrea did. After reading a news report about how meth labs and unlicensed grow houses damage property values Andrea reached out to her local crime syndicate and offered to let them manufacture their product in vacant homes. “I was very careful not to let them use the properties for more than a few days, the money was nice and all, but I needed to make these homes unsellable.”

Unfortunately the mob wasn’t quick enough, and they only needed to manufacture ‘so many’ drugs, which led Ms. Whitfield to even more unorthodox methods. She started throwing underground raves in vacant homes, and even faked a few hauntings.

Which led us to ask, was destroying the homes and futures of innocent strangers really worth it? “Absolutely. My mother-in-law was so horrified by our community’s rise in crime and paranormal activity she doesn’t even feel comfortable visiting us anymore.”

Let Andrea’s story serve as an inspiration that anything is possible as long as you’re willing to think outside of the box and break numerous state and federal laws.

Lauren Pathak for Pf Magazine

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