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mma-1369784_6405 Martial Arts Manouevres for the #metoo generation

Personal trainer to the stars, martial arts expert and ex-marine, Kylie Hong-Goldberg recalls five times she used Kung Fu techniques when being harassed in public – and tells you how you can use them to.


weight-loss-2036969_640Top Six Tips For Gaining a Dress Size in Just One Week

“The evenings may slowly and surely be getting lighter but let’s be honest summer is a long way off yet. The morning commutes are still dark and cold and if it isn’t frosty it is windy and wet. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


cropped-model-616189_640.jpgTime Saving Tips For The Modern Woman

“Standards for women have never been higher. Between working full-time jobs, raising children, and running a household, there’s very little time left in a woman’s calendar. We’ve gathered some helpful tips to get back some of those crucial minutes that we never realised we’ve been wasting all this time.”


Is Your Hair Holding You Back? 


“The Studies reveal that the wrong hairstyle can have disastrous effects on everyday things like job interviews, first dates, and important meetings, they even going so far as to suggest that doctor’s decisions can be affected by the wrong hair.”



antioxidant-2321114_640Three Superfoods You Need To Add To Your Shopping List

“Are you striving for a natural Gwyneth or Fearne like inner glow? Are you becoming disillusioned with snap chat filters or just tired of taking photos whilst staring into blinding sunshine to achieve it? Are you spending time looking at the health food sections in Aldi, Tesco or Waitrose or browsing organic shops online wondering if you should be adding Maccha powder or Hemp protein to your basket? You aren’t alone.”


grind-down-the-aisle-3112429_640How To Stay Married

“Always Leave Socks on the Floor

Men, us women love nothing more than picking up your socks especially socks that are dumped right next to the wash basket so be sure to leave all socks, in fact, all washing, on the floor for us to pick up after you. Sock fluff is one of the main attractions to living with a man according to 3 out of 5 women*”