Time Saving Tips For The Modern Woman

cropped-model-616189_640.jpgStandards for women have never been higher. Between working full-time jobs, raising children, and running a household, there’s very little time left in a woman’s calendar. We’ve gathered some helpful tips to get back some of those crucial minutes that we never realised we’ve been wasting all this time.


  1. Stop shaving your legs

It’s a time-consuming task that some women have to do daily, and others are more fortunate but still waste this time every few weeks. Even for those who get a wax at a salon, that’s still an hour of time you could get back and use for something more important. Embrace the hair! If men can have hairy legs, women can too. While you’re at it, why stop at legs? Forget those armpits too.

  1. Never remove your makeup

For those of us who enjoy wearing makeup or can’t go without for various reasons — though never putting it on would be the best time saver — removing your make up takes crucial minutes from your evening routine. Get those minutes back and just don’t take it off. This method also saves you time in the morning; just wipe the black marks from under your eyes and cover them up, put some powder over your face, a bit of lipstick, and you’re done. What a time saver!

  1. Don’t shower

While we’re keeping our make up on, we want to make sure we can keep our hair straight or curled for as long as possible. You don’t need to shower and it’ll save you crucial time in your schedule. If you start to smell, just put on some more deodorant and perfume. Your hair is getting greasy? That’s what dry shampoo was invented for. So much time.

  1. Don’t sleep

With all of the things you have to do, you probably don’t sleep enough anyway. Embrace the caffeine and stop sleeping. We recommend building up to this slowly so your body can adapt. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done at night and with more and more places opening up twenty-four hours, what’s stopping you from embracing the night time lifestyle?

  1. Quit your job

Think of how much more time you’ll have if you don’t have to go to work every day. Not only will you save those hours scheduled at your desk but you’ll never have to commute again. Just hand in that resignation and enjoy all of those hours you’ll get back in your day.

  1. Don’t eat

Simple, effective, and great for weight loss to get those thin summer figures. Who said dieting was difficult? You’ll be shedding those kilos in no time. No more meal preparation or bothering with complicated dishes. Stop eating today.

  1. Enjoy the time you have

These tips, though simple, can be hard to initially adapt to your routine, so enjoy the time you do have. Take a minute to breathe and relax. Be present. Find just a couple of minutes a day to embrace the good and the bad. Just those few minutes a day can bring everything back into perspective. Think of all that time you waste worrying about everything going on instead of thinking about what you should be doing instead. Sometimes peace of mind is the greatest time-saving tip of all.

Louise West for Pf Magazine

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