The Spring Beauty Trend You Have To Try


2017 gave us extremely chiseled, contoured features coupled with matte everything. Spring 2018 however seems to be taking the opposite approach with dewy skin and glossy lips coming back into style. The biggest makeup trend however is definitely going to be ‘Plane Landing’.

What is ‘Plane Landing’ you ask? It’s the next big thing and you’re going to want in on it the same way your mother wanted in on blue eye shadow and shoulder pads.

Simply put, ‘Plane Landing’ is when you apply bold, fluorescent neon colors to the lids, lips, and cheeks and then top it all off with highlight. A lot of highlighter. All of it really. The goal of this look is to glow so hard that if necessary you could safely guide a distressed aircraft down a tarmac, hence the name ’Plane Landing’.

Founded by groundbreaking makeup artist Giu-Giu, the goal is to turn one’s beauty routine into a form of post-modernist expression, somewhat akin to that found in modern art. He also had unintentionally purchased a giant lot of fluorescent cosmetics from China which he could not return.

“My mother always said when life gives you lemons find something to do with lemons…

…so that’s what I did,” he told us, and find something he did. This look has taken the beauty community by storm and doesn’t show any chance of letting up for at least a few weeks from now when the next weird trend takes over.

Lauren Pathak for Pf Magazine

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