Shona Moss

20170818_113557My name is Shona, I’m an as-yet-but-not-for-wont-of-trying unpublished writer, I have 2 delightful children (honest they are) and a job that sucks, mid-divorce, about to head to New Zealand ON MY OWN WITH 2 CHILDREN for 3 glorious weeks. Last year I wrote a novel, entered several short story and poetry competitions, wrote a screenplay with a friend and started a blog, none of which has earned me a penny or even a feint whiff of recognition but I somehow want more! I do weird yoga and hate Only Fools And Horses.


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Contributions to Pf Magazine

sky-3267245_640Long Haul With Kids ~ Your Essential Guide

I recently had the pleasure of taking my two children, aged 4 and 9, all the way to New Zealand and back so I thought I’d share some tips with you on how to cope with travelling with children.




easter-bunny-3195642_640How To Create The Perfect Easter Table

It’s not often mentioned but it is remarkable how similar Easter is to Christmas. The pressure on the host is equal to the pressure of Christmas day; feeding 20 people with different food intolerances and likes and dislikes, providing the perfect egg, making your dining room look like something from Ideal Home. Here at Pf Magazine, we have the definitive guide to making it look like you’ve got this licked.



kids-2030260_640Simple Steps to Simple Mornings

“…Start your day by going back to basics, no more “3 different kinds of cereal for 3 different kids and chicken nuggets for number 4”, everybody has porridge, no choice…”





watching-tv-2053384_640Are Your Children Watching Enough TV? 

“…It’s a question we all ask ourselves, we’re told the average child watches 3 hours of television a day but are you keeping up? Is your child getting their 3 a day?…”





girl-309196_640Four Orgasms You Never Knew You Were Having

“According to scientific studies, women can experience up to 17 different kinds of orgasm. Here at PF we’ve identified 4 new ones, so hold onto your hats and order some of ‘what she’s having’.”



Is Your Hair Holding You Back? 

“The Studies reveal that the wrong hairstyle can have disastrous effects on everyday things like job interviews, first dates, and important meetings, they even going so far as to suggest that doctor’s decisions can be affected by the wrong hair.”