Shady Glitter Mask

I Tried the Glitter Peel Off Mask
By Lauren Pathak


Recently I feel like I’ve been in a beauty rut. There are days I can barely be bothered to wash my face before bed let alone follow an actual skin care routine, and frankly it shows. The biggest wake-up call was when a stranger, obviously mistaking me for a hobo, threw some change into my Starbucks cup. That’s why one of my 2018 resolutions was to start a proper skin care routine.

2018 Resolutions
After copious amounts of online research, I realised that skincare is expensive as hell. That’s when I decided I’d take a chance and purchase a mask from the dark web. I chose one of those trendy glitter masks you see all over Instagram. The poorly translated description said it was supposed to introduce darkness and impurity through the hosts skin.

It took about three weeks to arrive and when I opened it there was the horrible stench of sulphur. I let it air out for a couple of hours before remembering the words of the great RuPaul “Beauty is pain”.


I found the mask easy to apply. The texture was very smooth, and it wasn’t difficult to achieve a nice even layer. I also didn’t experience much tightness as the mask dried down, which was a relief. The only part of the process which was truly unpleasant was removing the mask. The mask came off in chunks taking hair and skin with it, and it left behind a considerable amount of glitter. Overall the experience left me feeling like I’d been bitch slapped by a fairy.

My skin somehow looked entirely different and exactly the same. I didn’t notice a change in texture but rather an ethereal glow and my eyes were suddenly a somewhat different shade. I also experienced a newfound desire to take the blood of the innocents to usher in the reign of the dark one.

Overall, I’d give the mask a 5 out of 10. It didn’t particularly wow me, and I feel like I could probably find something similar at a shop near my house. Definitely not repurchasing.

Lauren Pathak for PF Magazine