Samantha Renke



Born in Germany and raised in Leyland , Lancashire Samantha Renke is an actress and disability campaigner. Best known for her role in the Maltesers advert. Renke’s debut lead role in indie film Little Devil saw her winning best actress at the LA diversity film festival. Represented by Louise Dyson of VisAble people Renke has recently been part of an online series for the Huffington Post called the New Activists. Renke is a disability campaigner affiliated with leading disability charity SCOPE, ambassador for Parallel London and Patron of Head to Head theatre company. Recently appearing on loose women and perusing her dream of becoming a presenter.
Twitter:       @samrenke

Instagram: samantharenke

Contribution to Pf Magazine

Sam1Let’s Talk About ‘P’

“I apologise for the ambiguous title and another apology for any anti-climax when I tell you that yes my article is actually going to be about pee.”