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women-310023_640“Book Club”

After months of inviting Lillibet (Alpha-mum’s first born super child) to suppers consisting of only organic produce and glass bottled water, I have finally achieved an invitation to the “Mother’s Book Club”…



ghosts-572038_640I Was Ghosted By A Ghost!

“It was my ex-husband’s turn to have the kids for Christmas,” says Julie as she puffs nervously on a cigarette, “so I was on my own and Christmas television was crap. Then I remembered that my daughter had a pack of Tarot cards in her bedroom – I’d always wanted to have a go at learning how to use them, so I thought I might as well do it now while I had the time.



amanita-2746658_640I Replaced My Coffee With Mushrooms And Here’s What Happened

I’m a big fan of clean living, at least until I get bored with it and go back to unclean living for a while as I am wont to do. One of the hardest habits to break though has been my dependence on coffee.




school-1822565_640Musings From The St. Swithin’s School Run ~ Helen.  Chair of The PTA

“I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I am pleased to report that I have somehow bumbled through and triumphed once again at World Book Day.  As I always say, you can tell how much a parent loves their child by the effort they put into their darling’s WBD costume.”




boo-1295226_640I Ghosted My Frenemies 

“Every time I’m at the supermarket I see articles about how the horror of ghosting is ruining modern love & friendships. Admittedly I have not actually read any of those articles because I’m too cheap to buy them and no longer welcome at my local library…”





Let’s Talk About ‘P’

I apologise for the ambiguous title, and another apology for any anti-climax when I tell you that, yes, my article is actually going to be about pee.