Nina Page

Nina PageNina Page is a 40 something healthy conscious wannabe. She is currently living in a blue rinsed suburbia where no one has ever heard of cleansing their chakra. She spends her days looking after her 2 children and is utterly focused on practising Yoga, daily Mindfulness, maintaining a vegan diet and sourcing the right type of skin care products to boost her self esteem and facial elasticity. She spends her evenings contemplating what happened to her plans to win a noble prize for ending world poverty and flicking through Vogue whilst on social media and refusing to acknowledge any connection between the two.

Twitter  @NinaNeeNaa

Contributions to Pf Magazine

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We might have been caught by surprise with the overnight onset of summer last week;  but your body doesn’t need to look like it’s just crawled out from a cave after winter hibernation. Here are three handy tips to get that body of yours in tip-top condition by the weekend.


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Three Superfoods You Need To Add To Your Shopping List

“Are you spending time looking at the health food sections in Aldi, Tesco or Waitrose or browsing organic shops online wondering if you should be adding Maccha powder or Hemp protein to your basket?”