Nicki Kinickie

Nickie KinickieI’m Nicki, I am a born and bread Essex girl that got fed up with wearing white stilettos and dancing around my handbag that I relocated to Norfolk. Interests include keeping the economy going (clothes and shoe shopping) and the odd glass (bottle) of wine.



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Contributions to Pf Magazine

sand-3341167_640The Worst Things About Summer

Finally the sun has his hat on, did he lose it or something? Over the last few evenings the air has been filled with the aroma of BBQ’s and cut grass while pub beer gardens have been full of revellers desperate to enjoy some vitamin C having had to endure endless rain, snow and ice since what feels like 1987.

woman-3191122_640Married Woman In Night Out Shocker

Martin Harris of Cambridge was shocked to come home last Friday night and find his wife Katie getting DRESSED UP in brand new fancy clothes.



weight-loss-2036969_640Top Six Tips For Gaining A Dress Size In Just One Week

“…So, if like most of us, you want to know how you can go up a dress size in just one week, yes ONE WEEK then keep reading (and thank us later)…”



grind-down-the-aisle-3112429_640How To Stay Married

“…Men, us women love nothing more than picking up your socks especially socks that are dumped right next to the wash basket so be sure to leave all socks, in fact all washing, on the floor for us to pick up after you….”