Natalie Willbe

N Willbe

Natalie is a wife, daughter, sister and a Mum to two boys.  She used to work in advertising in London but now she lives in the countryside, feeds her people, washes mud off things and joins committees.  She writes in between. She is excellent at parallel parking, Kate Bush impressions and cooking daal.  She is rubbish at Twitter.

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Contributions to Pf Magazine



St. George And The Dragon ~ The Real Deal

Sunlight dapples a lake in Silene
As a valiant knight trots by on his steed.
There the people live in fear of a dragon,
Who rules the town with his menacing greed […]


easter-eggs-6003_640How Do You Eat Yours?

How do you eat yours?  Crouching behind the fridge door, usually.

Up and down the country, parents are preparing. Stretchy loungewear is ready. Big knickers are go.  Elastic waistbands are snapped into shape for one last test before it begins.  Oh yes, it’s time.


school-1822565_640….On The Run

Musings from the St Swithin’s school run.
In this edition: Helen,  Chair of the PTA.  Vice-Chair of Governors.  BA (Hons).


photoshop-3199401_640Britain Braces For New Battering

As Britain thaws out and rebuilds its bread and milk stocks after the Beast from the East, there’s a deadly new condition preparing to sweep the nation on Sunday… Get ready for the Smog from the Smug.