Megan Does Secret Surgery – Exclusive!

medicine-2533151_640When Megan Costello invited us to her new eight bedroom farmhouse in Norwich we couldn’t wait to hear about the new addition to her family.

We might have felt like there was nothing more we could find out about Megan after seeing her on “Megan in Mexico, Megan in Therapy, Megan’s Family Tree, Megan on the Building Site, Megan does Atkins, Megan in Rehab in Redditch, to Megan Dances with Wolves – but this year has seen a massive change in the Megan we have come to love. We sat down to smashed avocado toasted sour breads and protein smoothies to chat about how her life had completely turned upside down just six weeks ago.

Megan told us about her innocent visit to a plastic surgeon in December to support her best friends’ quest for a more aesthetic labia when a Doctor first questioned her on whether she was happy with her current chin.

“To be honest, I had never paid much attention to my chin. But as soon as he mentioned it I realised it was completely mis-matched to my face. It was actually as ugly as Hell. I realised it was what had been holding me back from so much my entire life and was the key to my happiness.”

The process she tells us was pretty straightforward, “They gave me a catalogue of chins to go through. Most were from Disney cartoon characters – you know, like Ariel, Belle, Buzz Light Year, Elsa.” In the end Megan chose Nala from The Lion King based on a snap twitter poll.

“It was really very simple” she told us “the surgeon shaved it completely down and then built it completely up from excess flesh from my armpit. Hey presto.”

Now Megan said she has never felt so great: “Since my surgery I honestly feel complete. Plus – I couldn’t eat solid food for six weeks so I have managed to drop three stone. Everyone should do it. I’m just disappointed they wouldn’t do it on the NHS – but I guess that’s why it’s in crisis.”

So what’s next for Megan Costello? Well, she’s got her second diet book and DVD coming out ‘Planking to peace and positivity’ in early March and hopes to start appearing in more, in her words, “High brow” reality TV this year. Megan is glowing with happiness.

She also mentions that she had a baby – so two new additions to the Costello family.

Faith Hope Grace One Tree Hill Costello was born during her plastic surgery. We are excited to find out how becoming a Mother has changed her.

“It’s kind of scary. It’s so little and it’s a lot of responsibility. But Dave is amazing. He’s at home with it so I can still go for lunch with the girls, now I can eat solids, and get my nails done. One thing is for sure – I’m getting myself booked in for the labia reduction.”

We asked Megan finally what she hoped for Faith. “I just hope she learns that beauty is on the inside, stay true to who she is, and to always be 100% acoustic.”

We are excited to see what her future holds.

You can catch Megan in ‘One night with a Chinless Wonder’ on New TV until the end of February.

Stephanie Siviter for Pf Magazine

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