Megan Barnett



Megan is a budding writer, amateur doodler and pet enthusiast. A true cat-mum and mid-twenties grandma, her hobbies include cooking, baking, reading and avoiding people. She is a big fan of jazzy trousers with pockets and is always partial to a custard cream.



Contributions to Pf Magazine

Five Age Defying Looks


As a woman, it’s important to retain one’s youth in order to adhere to society’s vision of beauty. For housewives living on a Waitrose budget, surgery may be a suitable option to […]

How To Soothe The Seven Year Itch


Many things come in sevens: days, wonders, dwarfs, brides for brothers, cowboys, sins, and this list. As well as being the title of the Monroe movie featuring that famously gusty gusset scene, […]

Pizza Bod or Avocado Bod? ~ Are You Summer Body Ready?


Quick question: do you have a billboard worthy body? If the answer’s no, you may be at risk of being banned from wearing a bikini, and in turn going to the […]