Married Woman In Night Out Shocker.



Martin Harris of Cambridge was shocked to come home last Friday night and find his wife Katie getting DRESSED UP in brand new fancy clothes.

Unbeknownst to him she was getting ready for a girly night out on the town. Mr Harris, 36, says he was floored when he made the discovery:

‘I just didn’t know what to do.’ He said. ‘Normally I come home and she is in her jogging bottoms with her hair tied up ready to relax after a busy week but she was wearing a dress with her hair all done, putting on her make up and drinking a white wine spritzer.’

He went on to say that she was singing along to ‘some random playlist’ on Spotify and in a really ‘good mood’.

Mr Harris usually frequents his local pub on a Friday night but had received a text from his wife earlier that day telling him to remember he must make sure he came straight home because of her ‘plans’. Intrigued, Mr Harris did just that in the hope he was in for some afternoon – or evening – delight but alas, her plans didn’t involve him.

‘I always go to the pub after work on a Friday; I couldn’t believe it when I was summoned home only to find it was because the missus wanted to go out instead.’

When asked about these shocking turn of events Mrs Harris, 34, sighed ‘He knew all about this night out. I told him about it weeks ago and even marked it on the calendar like I do everything else.’

Mr Harris claims he has no recollection of being informed of her night out but did state that ‘doesn’t mean he wasn’t told.’ He also described how he felt upon realising he may have to make DINNER for their three children that night too.

‘Once I was over the initial shock of seeing the missus getting dressed up, suddenly the penny dropped that she wouldn’t have made any dinner for me or the kids. I really started to panic; I didn’t know what we could do. I figured we would have to settle on getting a takeaway but the kids can never agree on where they want to order from. I knew it would be a major struggle.’

Thankfully, Mrs Harris had planned ahead and put a chicken stew in the slow cooker. ‘I’m surprised he didn’t smell it as he came in.’ she laughed. ‘He should know by now I wouldn’t leave him and the kids without food…and that the kids hate his cooking!’

Mrs Harris left the house in a cab which already had two friends in it at around 7.30pm, they planned on meeting MORE friends in town where they had a table booked at a fancy restaurant. Mr Harris believes there could have been anything up to TEN of them going out in town once they had eaten.

According to a source, once Mrs Harris and her friends finished their dinner they went to a popular sports bar around the corner before finishing up in a cocktail bar.

‘They were in good spirits.’ Said the source. ‘Laughing and joking and chatting away, they were definitely in for a good night.’

‘She must have got in about 4am.’ Said her husband. ‘I don’t remember hearing her come in but it would have been late.’ Despite the late night, Mrs Harris was the first one of the family up in the morning and by the time Mr Harris and their three children Tommy 13, Daisy 10, and Leo 7, emerged she had made them a cooked breakfast and done two wash loads.

‘I got in at 1am.’ Mrs Harris stated. ‘All of us are mums and know what a hangover with kids is like.’ After clearing up from breakfast Mrs Harris gave her husband a list of ‘to do’ jobs for the weekend.

‘When he’s been out he doesn’t get in until late and barely moves most of the next day’ she stated. ‘So seeing as he was indoors last night and I’m fresh as a daisy he can crack on I say.’

Mr Harris was unavailable for any further comment.

Nicki Kinickie for Pf Magazine

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