Louise West

image1Louise is a budding writer who genuinely thinks the internet is a good representation of real life. Being a millennial, she spends almost all of her time on the internet and enjoys a daily breakfast of avocado on toast. She has taken to sarcasm as a coping mechanism, even if she doesn’t properly understand it.

Twitter @louise__west

Contributions to Pf Magazine


Inconsiderate Woman Really Takes The Cake

“I thought maybe at first it was her birthday, or someone in her family. Some leftovers, you know,” a coworker who wishes to remain anonymous shared. “And that’s okay. I don’t agree with it but she could have at least done it away from the desk.”



cropped-model-616189_640.jpgTime Saving Tips For The Modern Woman

Standards for women have never been higher. Between working full-time jobs, raising children, and running a household, there’s very little time left in a woman’s calendar. We’ve gathered some helpful tips to get back some of those crucial minutes that we never realised we’ve been wasting all this time.