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Lisa Ives

Lisa Baker is a serial hobbyist who mistakenly thought those hobbies could be turned into money making opportunities. The reality is a house full of drawers that are wedged shut with business cards from the aforementioned failed businesses. She is now a freelance writer as the start up costs are low.




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‘Twas The Night Before ‘lection

Twas the night before ‘lection, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring apart from a louse. The banners were hung from the window with care,  In hopes that St […]


GoFundMe Replaces The Bank Of Mum And Dad

When Mum and Dad said no to buying that expensive pair of trainers ‘everyone at school’ had, one young man took matters into his own hands. “I was really surprised when my […]

Charlie The Rescue ~ Blog

When my owner (not calling her mum) said she was going to start blogging as me, all I could do was bark. Sadly she told me to stop barking and hit the […]

I Love Big Knickers Because…

Oh, come on, who doesn’t? I love them because they are comfortable. The ones you can pull all the way up to your boobs. No, not the incredibly uncomfortable spandex ones that […]

Oo La La Ménopause

How Do French Women Master The Menopause? According To The Daily Mail.   According to Helena Frith Powell of the Daily Mail, they just have to spray themselves with Evian water and […]

air-2027317_640The Men-O-Pause ~ One Reader’s Story

At Pf Magazine we love to hear from our readers. This week Janine, quite rightly, pointed out that we haven’t been catering much for our ‘older’ ladies. She felt that she had a story to tell us about what she is experiencing as a woman of a certain age. So we paid her a surprise visit.

males-2386400_640Dating Apps ~ Love Delivered To Your Door

As we immerse ourselves in 21st Century technology we find the need to ever leave our homes becoming a thing of the past. Everything we need can be delivered directly to your door. And now a new dating App is doing just that, your date delivered directly to your door.

reporter-852096_640A Day In The Life ~ Roving Agony Aunt

…She became quite agitated, and a little rude if I’m completely honest, and got through the barrier before I could catch her up again. This time I thought I’d try and speak to the male of the species. I spotted a chap who looked pretty pleased with himself. I thought I’d change tack and start by asking a different question, and lead him to believe he was actually capable of helping me…

suitcase-1488516_640Your Holiday Nano Pill Wardrobe

Here at Pf Magazine we have teamed up with MI5 to bring you the nano pill holiday wardrobe.With more and more airlines charging extra fees for items such as gel nail extensions, bras, and the snot from your nose; with your best foot forward you can, with our help, limit your luggage to one, approved, carry on item.

date-2276564_640How To Have The Perfect Date

So, after pussyfooting around each other for months you’ve finally asked him out on a date. Although initially a little surprised, he eventually said yes at the point he couldn’t see his computer screen anymore for all your post-it notes. The next step is to find the perfect venue for that first date.

woman-309719_640For The Love Of Tara ~ First Date

“Tara knew what she needed to do to entice a man. She pulled on her figure-hugging mohair sweater that showed off her shapely bosom and wobbly muffin top. The zip on her jeans wouldn’t go all the way up to the button, but she felt they would easily stay up as long as she didn’t sit down.”

woman-309719_640For The Love Of Tara ~ Mothering Sunday

As far as competing siblings went Mothering Sunday for Tara, her sister, and three brothers had always been top of the list.

grandparents-1956838_640Growing Old Uncomfortably

“You wake up one day and wonder where the best years of your life have gone. Looking over to your left the answer is lying there beside you; mouth wide open with breath that smells like he swallowed a turd in the night. Snoring in rhythm to the depth of your dissatisfaction you realise you are growing comfortably, too bloody comfortably, old together.”


The Last Evidence Of Sexism ~ Historical Letter Found At The Royal Academy