easter-bunny-3195642_640How To Create The Perfect Easter Table

It’s not often mentioned but it is remarkable how similar Easter is to Christmas. The pressure on the host is equal to the pressure of Christmas day; feeding 20 people with different food intolerances and likes and dislikes, providing the perfect egg, making your dining room look like something from Ideal Home. Here at Pf Magazine, we have the definitive guide to making it look like you’ve got this licked.



twitter-292994_640Facebook Foes

We’ve all got that one Facebook friend. 

The one you went to school or college with who was really popular despite not being all that great. The one who had liberal parents that let them have parties and who are still popular now, with the same old gang of people fawning all over them and you still don’t understand what the attraction is.



feet-1659412_640Pizza Bod or Avocado Bod? ~ Are You Summer Body Ready?

Quick question: do you have a billboard worthy body? If the answer’s no, you may be at risk of being banned from wearing a bikini, and in turn going to the beach, forever.



lime-907124_640Middle-Class Woman Admits She Hates Gin

Claire* from Worcester is hiding a dark secret from her group of Women friends in the Village she lives in. For fear of being ostracized from her group of middle age, middle-class friends, Claire has requested we change her name to protect her identity.



date-2276564_640How To Have The Perfect Date

So, after pussyfooting around each other for months you’ve finally asked him out on a date. Although initially a little surprised, he eventually said yes at the point he couldn’t see his computer screen anymore for all your post-it notes. The next step is to find the perfect venue for that first date.



 pumpkin-2190584_640Woman Pretends to ‘Grow her own’ For Ten Years – Scandal at the Hulme Spring Fair

“The garden of Mary Thomas is a sight to behold. The garden of the unassuming terrace house in Greater Manchester is full of an array of impressive looking greenhouses, raised beds and planters.”



frog-1339891_1280They Say You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs Before You Find Mr Right

“My name is Kate and I am terminally single. My last serious relationship was with a guy called Kevin. We were together for three years. We were blissfully happy (so I thought) and planning a future. We talked about marriage, houses, and children – the works.”





grandparents-1956838_640Growing Old Uncomfortably

“You wake up one day and wonder where the best years of your life have gone. Looking over to your left the answer is lying there beside you; mouth wide open with breath that smells like he swallowed a turd in the night.”





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