couch-2615796_640Speed Dating ~ A Cautionary Tale

Newly single, Josephine Thomas, has been arrested on suspicion of drug dealing after misinterpreting the concept of ‘speed dating’.

Ms. Thomas (formerly Mrs. Kapowski) divorced her husband of 40 years and found herself cast adrift into the world of singledom. After six months of realising multiple cats and orchids were not a substitute for human company, and out of sheer loneliness, Ms. Thomas, after seeing an advert in her local Tesco signed up for OAP speed dating at a local community centre.



suitcase-1488516_640Your Holiday Nano Pill Wardrobe

Here at Pf Magazine we have teamed up with MI5 to bring you the nano pill holiday wardrobe.With more and more airlines charging extra fees for items such as gel nail extensions, bras, and the snot from your nose; with your best foot forward you can, with our help, limit your luggage to one, approved, carry on item.



medicine-2533151_640Megan Does Secret Surgery ~ Exclusive! 

“When Megan Costello invited us to her new eight bedroom farmhouse in Norwich we couldn’t wait to hear about the new addition to her family.”




girl-309196_640Four Orgasms You Never Knew You Were Having

“According to scientific studies, women can experience up to 17 different kinds of orgasm. Here at PF we’ve identified 4 new ones, so hold onto your hats and order some of “what she’s having”….”

cake-1227842_640Inconsiderate Woman Really Takes The Cake

“I thought maybe at first it was her birthday, or someone in her family. Some leftovers, you know,” a coworker who wishes to remain anonymous shared. “And that’s okay. I don’t agree with it but she could have at least done it away from the desk.”

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