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Wedding Guest Survival Guide


It’s happened. You’ve collected your mail only to find a crisp white envelope containing a wedding invitation, and in a moment of foolish optimism, you RSPV’d. First, congratulations on still having friends […]

vintage-1499537_640Combat Aging With These Five easy Tips

If you’re like me, you consider one of the biggest downsides of having a human body to be aging. As the years go by we slowly breakdown, developing fine lines and watch as our once perky body parts sag further and further south. Fortunately, we can stave off aging at least a bit with these 5 easy tips.

baltic-sea-862312_640Get Beach Ready In Four Easy Steps

With summer rapidly approaching pretty much every woman is riddled with anxiety. I mean who hasn’t had a panic attack just thinking about swimsuit shopping? With these four easy steps however, you too can feel like a beach goddess.

tequila-1227926_640I Tried The Newest Wellness Craze: Turmeric Shots

Continuing my never-ending quest to lead a more healthy and natural lifestyle I reached out to renowned homeopath and part-time Uber driver Celeste Kumquat. She was gracious enough to fit me into her busy schedule, and hopefully give me some much-needed advice.

woman-945815_640The Spring Beauty Trend You Have To Try

2017 gave us extremely chiseled, contoured features coupled with matte everything. Spring 2018 however seems to be taking the opposite approach with dewy skin and glossy lips coming back into style. The biggest makeup trend however is definitely going to be ‘Plane Landing’.

open-house-2328984_640Woman Heroically Sabotages Mother-In-law’s Move

Adelaide, Australia–It seemed like any other Sunday until Andrea Whitfield and her husband Derek received an earth shattering call. It was Derek’s mother calling to inform them that she intended to move from Brisbane, a comfortable 2000km away, to their town of Adelaide.

amanita-2746658_640I Replaced My Coffee With Mushrooms And Here’s What Happened

I’m a big fan of clean living, at least until I get bored with it and go back to unclean living for a while as I am wont to do. One of the hardest habits to break though has been my dependence on coffee.


europe-182767_640Woman Turns Man Into Statue With Icy Glare

“London—Bystanders were quite stunned today when elderly man Amos Whitfield suddenly turned into a statue.”


mime-2056078_640Actor Speaks Out Against Woody Allen

“New York—In breaking news award winning actor John LeBalsac has spoken out against acclaimed writer, director, and walking sex offender stereotype Woody Allen.”


bunker-622515_640Bunker Life

“Pennsylvania—Last year Marie Hobeck stunned the world when she decided to leave the comfort of her underground bunker, located in rural Pennsylvania, and rejoin society.”




Shady Glitter Mask

“Recently I feel like I’ve been in a beauty rut. There are days I can barely be bothered to wash my face before bed let alone follow an actual skin care routine, and frankly it shows. The biggest wake-up call was when a stranger, obviously mistaking me for a hobo, threw some change into my Starbucks cup. That’s why one of my 2018 resolutions was to start a proper skin care routine.”


boo-1295226_640I Ghosted My Frenemies

One of the ugliest and most controversial trends in millennial relationships has to be ghosting. Every time I’m at the supermarket I see articles about how the horror of ghosting is ruining modern love & friendships. Admittedly I have not actually read any of those articles because I’m too cheap to buy them and no longer welcome at my local library, I am however interested in the topic.


fruit-3134764_640I Tried a Juice Cleanse With Shocking Results

“…I figured my kidneys and liver were doing a great job cleansing my body of toxins like it was their damn job because it was their damn job. I was finally sold on the cleanse however after learning it was recommended not only by Dr. Mercola but by the great Gwyneth Paltrow. Exceptionally talented, fabulously wealthy, and apparently woke as fuck there was no way Paltrow would steer me wrong.”

the-oscars-649825_640Dead Horse Reportedly Beaten at 90th Academy Awards

“…It all started when host Jimmy Kimmel began his opening monologue by dragging out a dead horse and pummeling it.”…