Jason Moody

Jason Moody


Lazy sod. Husband. Writer. Brentford FC fan.


Contributions to Pf Magazine

Goodbye Friends ~ Million Dollar Listing: New York


As a nation, we’re no strangers to binge-watching telly shows. You know, sat there until 2 in the morning on a school night, cramming your senses with the latest must-see tv, so […]

True Stories ~ Love Conquers All


You never forget that moment. That one single moment that changes your life forever. For me, it was my Father being mowed down by a number 78 bus on his way out […]

Your Essential Airport Survival Guide

Your holiday starts at the airport. The nervous poos, the people watching, and the mad dash to your gate to join the Spanish invasion. Each one a huge warehouse filled with […]

The Man-Devouring Plague ~ Fortnite

Gill sits across from me, dressed in classic eggshell blue velour pants and a black vest top two sizes too small. A tattoo on her right shoulder helps identify what local […]

Ask Uncle ~ May 4th

Have you found yourself in trouble in the shallow waters of heartache and heartburn? Worry not, let Uncle be your Hasselhoff and whisk you away to safety (swimsuits not included).   We […]

It’s The End Of The Season As We Know It ~ And I Feel Fine.

This time of year brings us a week’s worth of sunshine in April, where we all go insane and burn ourselves on Brighton beach and then moan about the dip in […]

Reader’s Stories ~ I Always Knew I Was Different

I always knew I was different. I always had the sense I was never going to fit in. School proved this to me. On my very first day, I was harassed […]