Is Your Hair Holding You Back?

hair-1450045_640Recent studies show that the answer to this question might just be yes! Your hairstyle projects everything about you, whether you’re successful, whether you’re solvent, whether you’re happy and, most importantly, whether you are single.

The Studies reveal that the wrong hairstyle can have disastrous effects on everyday things like job interviews, first dates, and important meetings, they even going so far as to suggest that doctor’s decisions can be affected by the wrong hair.

If you’ve found yourself in a romantic slump lately maybe it’s time to listen to the experts and change your hair? The most common dating hairstyle mistake is to go too bold. Big hair screams unsuccessful, poor, miserable and that you’re in a loveless marriage. The next most common mistake is to go too boring. Boring hair screams unsuccessful, poor, miserable and that you’re in a loveless marriage. The study revealed that only single women have nice hair, so if you want to find the man of your dreams you should have bad hair because being obviously single is so unattractive. A first date hairstyle should demonstrate your availability as well as your casual attitude to your looks, not forgetting your attention to detail and sense of fun.

model-2911363_640If you didn’t get that big promotion at work recently have you considered that it wasn’t out and out sexism? That maybe Matt from accounting just has better hair than you? It’s worth a thought. Employers look for hair that is low maintenance so that they know their employees won’t be late for work, consider a buzz cut, pixie crop or just a plain old ponytail and that promotion will be in the bag. The right hairstyle for a job interview is the same with added desire to impress, but absolutely no sign of showing off.

vintage-1817417_640When it comes to making sure you receive appropriate treatment at the doctors you have to put yourself in their shoes. Would you think someone who has blow-dried and straightened their hair was really suffering? The greasier, frizzier, more unkempt you can get, the better, it’s so important to hit the right first impression. If you wake up on the day of a doctor’s appointment and your hair looks naturally good – wear a hat, it could mean the difference between average healthcare and good healthcare.   

We all have to look out for each other, right? So if you see someone heading to a first date, a job interview, a doctor’s appointment, with the wrong hairstyle don’t be afraid to let them know. It’s not judgement, it’s helpful; imagine if you met a friend after you’d been on a disastrous date and she told you she’d thought your hair was a bit off – after the date! Be bold and don’t hold back ladies, or at least don’t let your hair hold you back.

Shona Moss for Pf Magazine

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