I Tried the Newest Wellness Craze: Turmeric Shots


Continuing my never-ending quest to lead a more healthy and natural lifestyle I reached out to renowned homeopath and part-time Uber driver Celeste Kumquat. She was gracious enough to fit me into her busy schedule, and hopefully give me some much-needed advice.

For convenience sake I arranged for Ms. Kumquat to pick me up from the tavern the next evening or, more accurately, morning since it was last call. She arrived in a white sedan and I eagerly hopped in ready to learn some new wellness tips and sleep off my latest bender.

“So, what would you recommend to someone like me who leads a very hectic lifestyle? Someone who keeps late hours, has the diet of a feral animal and the drinking habits of a sailor?”

“Have you considered changing the general way you lead your life?”

“This is an interview not an intervention.”

“Then, maybe turmeric for inflammation? It could ease some of the stress your liver is clearly feeling.”

“I think I have some turmeric at home actually. I cook with it a lot.”

“That’s great! To truly harness the healing power of turmeric however some people even drink turmeric shots where they…”

“Say no more. I know a thing or two about shots,”

Having successfully arrived home with a new and exciting healthy trick to try I hopped out of Ms. Kumquat’s car and ran upstairs eager to harness the magic of turmeric. To be honest it was a bit harder than I had initially thought it would be. It’s possible that I should have listened to a bit further because I had no idea which liquor would go well with turmeric. In the end I decided to play it safe and went with tequila.

I mixed a very generous pinch of turmeric with the Patron and a hint of lime juice. After all, if lemon water is a great way to start the day then surely tequila with lime and turmeric is a wonderful way to end an evening.

I have to say Ms. Kumquat knows her stuff. While the combination of turmeric with tequila is absolutely revolting I did find it eased some of the redness around my face. Also, when I woke up on my kitchen floor I felt very well rested and much less hungover than usual. I would absolutely recommend adding turmeric shots to your self-care routine.


Lauren Pathak for Pf Magazine

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