Get Beach Ready In Four Easy Steps



With summer rapidly approaching pretty much every woman is riddled with anxiety. I mean who hasn’t had a panic attack just thinking about swimsuit shopping? With these four easy steps however, you too can feel like a beach goddess.


  1. Consider Your Diet Carefully

While many women swear by juice cleanses and questionable supplements, we here at Pf Magazine take a different approach. I personally prefer a nice plate of chilaquiles and a mojito for the beach, but others have also enjoyed chocolate cake paired with a red wine and whiskey paired with whatever is in the cupboard. You do you.


  1. Pick the Perfect Attire

Few things are more nerve wracking than choosing a swimsuit. As a general rule choose a silhouette which works with your body type rather than against it in a color or print which flatters your skin tone. Black is always a safe choice; another option would be to visit a nude beach. You’ll save a ton of money and your friends will envy your newfound self-confidence.


  1. Choose Your Mode of Transportation

Now that you’ve decided what you want to eat and found the swimsuit that makes you feel like a goddess you just have to figure out how to get to the beach. If you’re like me, and live painfully far from any good beaches, you may have to fly. If you’re one of those lucky bastards who lives near the beach, congratulations. Take the train, drive, or better yet walk. The fresh air will put you in a great mood and take your mind off how much I hate you right now.


  1. Enjoy the Beach


Finally, enjoy the beach. No matter what insecurity you feel I can assure you there is someone way less attractive than you letting it all hang out, and everyone is too self-involved to notice anyway. Don’t let unrealistic beauty expectations and inconsiderate fuckwits ruin your day.



Lauren Pathak for Pf Magazine

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