Emma Deeley

EmmaOscar Wilde famously said, “Those that live within their means lack imagination;” Emma’s is vivid and overactive.  Clinging onto her 30’s by her perfectly polished fingernails, Emma is a stand-up comedian, writer and comedy/improv actress, does “voices” and is the brains behind “Comedy Rose Gold” – the “Laught-HER Revolution” supporting and promoting women in all aspects of comedy.  She is addicted to Jo Malone products, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and is unashamedly a Jedward super-fan…




Assistant Editor of Pf Magazine


Contributions to Pf Magazine

musician-664432_640How To Have A Eurovision Party

Here at Pf Magazine we care deeply about current events and are passionate about keeping readers up to date with all things political. With Brexit on the horizon and global politics constantly on the agenda, we have decided to address an important political issue and one which affects us all; how to have a Eurovision Party…

shoes-2605477_640Bucking The Trend ~ Ladies Day At Aintree

Today was Ladies Day at Aintree and one woman, the irrepressible and quite frankly brave, Tracey O’Connor sparked huge controversy after deciding to wear flat shoes from the get go.


adult-2242164_640Murder She Did ~ Never Mind Wrote

Viewers of Murder She Wrote finally feel vindicated after Angela Lansbury has been implicated and subsequently charged in the horrific murders of hundreds of hapless individuals throughout America, committed as unsuspected and thought to be trusted Jessica Fletcher.


art-supplies-955968_640Thinking Outside The Letter Box

Mum of three and new self-styled entrepreneur, Josie Hall of Hemel Hempstead, has decided to go it alone in the field of greetings cards.

The idea took fruition after Mrs Hall went to purchase a birthday card for her friend, Tabitha.  After a prolonged and exhaustive search, Josie came to the conclusion that women were being unfairly stereotyped and that card manufacturers seemed to think that “women who have birthdays” (Josie’s words) are only interested in getting off their faces on Prosecco, shopping till they drop or obsessing over chocolate.


women-310023_640“Book Club”

After months of inviting Lillibet (Alpha-mum’s first born super child) to suppers consisting of only organic produce and glass bottled water, I have finally achieved an invitation to the “Mother’s Book Club”…


couch-2615796_640Speed Dating A Cautionary Tale

Newly single, Josephine Thomas, has been arrested on suspicion of drug dealing after misinterpreting the concept of ‘speed dating’.

Ms. Thomas (formerly Mrs. Kapowski) divorced her husband of 40 years and found herself cast adrift into the world of singledom. After six months of realising multiple cats and orchids were not a substitute for human company, and out of sheer loneliness, Ms. Thomas, after seeing an advert in her local Tesco signed up for OAP speed dating at a local community centre.