Dead Horse Reportedly Beaten at 90th Academy Awards

the-oscars-649825_640Los Angeles—Generally an event associated with glitz and glam few could have expected the horror that unfolded at the 2018 Academy Awards. It all started when host Jimmy Kimmel began his opening monologue by dragging out a dead horse and pummeling it. The abuse it didn’t stop there either but rather unfolded at a slow and laborious pace over the course of four hours.

Authorities aren’t entirely sure what happened, however, it appears that what was supposed to be a quick nod to the ‘Envelopegate’ fiasco spiraled out of control. While Kimmel may have started beating the dead horse he was far from the only offender with many presenters repeatedly referencing this mildly amusing, year-old gaffe.

Trauma therapists will be on hand for all who somehow managed to sit through the entire program with preference given to those who for some reason chose to watch the show sober.


Lauren Pathak for Pf  Magazine