Bullying Takes All Forms ~ None Of Them Are Nice




Hey, people, those who share, and shame those who dare, to hurt those in their care. Social media, floods with memes, so it seems, back to school means, all the kids should be aware, not to stare, at those who sit alone, on their phone. We show pride, if our little one is kind, doesn’t let the new kid hide, plays a new game, lets them know we’re all the same.

What about you? What do you do? Threads on Mumsnet, issue your own threat, to people you’ve never met. Join a grown-up gang, rally round, to spit and hound, without a pang, bullying in your own play-ground. First day of school, you gather, all mums, you’re no fool. “Hey kid, were you nice, were you kind, did you make sure no-one was left behind?”

Yet all day long, you sing your own song, witch hunts of days of old; behind the screen, you feel so bold. Safety in numbers, burn the witch, you really mean bitch. Why? Cos she lied, made money on the side. Found a way to stay home, with her kids, full of pride. She pays the bills, isn’t full of ill will. Not like you, can’t we all just chill?

Practice what you preach, in this country of free speech, we should use it to teach, all humans, young and old, to do what they’re told, be kind, be fair, don’t find flaws in a person who doesn’t care, doesn’t know you, doesn’t need to be put through, a new kind of bullying, online, keyboard warriors, with nothing better to do.

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!





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