Bucking The Trend ~ Ladies Day At Aintree



Today was Ladies Day at Aintree and one woman, the irrepressible and quite frankly brave, Tracey O’Connor sparked huge controversy after deciding to wear flat shoes from the get go.

As tends to be the case, Ladies Day at Aintree is synonymous with arriving freshly made-up (face fully contoured), skyscraper heels and gargantuan fascinators; and by the end of the day leaving with no decorum, bedraggled, and carrying your shoes – having changed into the flip-flops you’ve carried in your handbag all day.

Tracey put much thought into whether she should buck the trend, “I just didn’t see the point in wearing vertiginous heels and having to change footwear later on, so I decided on some sensible brogues. This way I can be comfortable all day long, plus I have room for more shit in my handbag.”

We spent the day with Tracey who attracted much attention from other female race goers, one of whom we approached for comment on Tracey’s overall look.

Sharon Trott, after looking at Tracey with disdain, commented, “you just don’t do flats, its massive heels then flip-flops; you just don’t DO comfortable shoes! If anyone ever looked at a pair of my shoes and said they look comfortable, I would consider that a criticism. Pain is beauty and bunions are in. Down our neck of the woods if you’re not on the waiting list for bunion surgery you’re nobody. I bet she’s even wearing underwear.”

Tracey also came under close scrutiny for wearing the correct shade of foundation and an evenly spread tan, a feat many of the other ladies appeared not to have achieved.  Coupled with a plaid two-piece, consisting of a skirt below the knee and a high sweetheart neckline, she very much stood out and, it would appear, for the wrong reasons.

Sharon further commented, “she’s not going to win best-dressed wearing that get-up.  It looks like she’s borrowed it from her Nan; I mean what the f**k are brogues anyway?”

Contrary to the norm Tracey also opted for non-alcoholic drinks which negated the possibility she would be ‘papped’ by an ever present Daily Mail photographer in a mess on the floor with vomit in her hair.

After all, Tracey told us, her mantra is,  “vomit and flip-flops don’t mix.”

Later on we caught up with Sharon who had by this stage lost, not only all traces of her dignity, but both her stilettos and one flip-flop.  The missing flip-flop appeared to be stuck to her head, but this remained unnoticed by Sharon.

Sharon, who spoke rather vociferously through her hair, which was plastered to the side of her face, seemed jealous of the attention heaped upon Tracey and voiced the following,  “she doesn’t even have her eyebrows right! They need to be dark, thick and heavily pencilled, like upturned Nike logos.  Think ‘Angry Birds’ and you’re on the right track. You have to be the right shade of orange too, like a mix between strong builder’s tea and the colour of He-Man. Plus she’s not even got patchy bits. Tracey’s obviously not a proper lady, like, innit.”

We left Sharon trying to fashion footwear out of a bag for life, whilst simultaneously trying to fit her chest back into her dress, where her ‘tit tape’ appeared to have failed her miserably.

Emma Deeley for Pf Magazine

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