Actor Speaks Out Against Woody Allen


New York—In breaking news award winning actor John LeBalsac has spoken out against acclaimed writer, director, and walking sex offender stereotype Woody Allen. “I am absolutely appalled at the allegations of sex abuse levelled against Woody Allen and had I known of these accusations I would have never agreed to work with him,” said LeBalsac. Mr. LeBalsac has even offered to donate a portion of his earnings to women’s charities, though he declined to give an actual number.

John LeBalsac should be commended for the bravery it took to not only speak out against such an important figure in the film industry but also for deciding to pursue a career in the arts after clearly spending his entire life under a rock. May everyone take note, it doesn’t matter what you may have ignored in the past as long as you’re courageous enough to speak out when it’s professionally convenient.

Lauren Pathak for PF Magazine