Love Island

Love Island ~ An Urban Dictionary


Whilst Love Island stands defiant and continues to start when the football has gone to extra times and penalties, some viewers have stated difficulties in understanding some of the language used within the Villa.

Panic no more! Our most talented translator has agreed to sit down and produce a Love Island dictionary for you, on the condition we give her a cookie and promise to never ask her to do this again.

So, off we go:

Mugged off

Origin: A small ceramic factory in Yorkshire.
Definition: A person will place a hand on their hip, looking like a ceramic mug, and will express that they have been pushed to one side, or they have pushed someone else to the side out of disinterest. Like when a mug of tea goes cold and you push it to one side.
Used in a sentence: “Mate, I’ve mugged her off. Like a mug of tea.”


Origin: The musical instrument the Vibraphone
Definition: When you feel that an individual has made a connection with you, like when people hit a percussion instrument and a sound vibration comes from it.
Used in a sentence: “I’m getting some good vibes, like when you stand next to a drum and it goes right through you.”


Origin: a builder called Petey from South Lahndahn.
Definition: To consider talking to someone you like as excruciating work that needs a lot of effort.
Used in a sentence: “I have been grafting so hard to get her on a date. I’ve spoke to her twice in one day. ”

Oi oi!

Origin: People in the South of England since the start of the English language.
Definition: A large group of individuals noticing a new human entering the group.
Used in a sentence: *sharp intake of breath*”OI OI!” *moronic laugh*


Origin: Some utter moron that hates punctuation.
Definition: A word used for punctuation, because, apparently, full stops, commas or pro-nouns are too difficult.
Used in a sentence: “Like, I get it, but, like, do you like me? Or, like, is it, like, not a like thing, but, like, something else, like. Like, you know?

I got a text

Origin: Techno overlords
Definition: To loudly announce one has received a digital message on a tech device and then test people’s ability to distinguish the separation of words in one hashtag
Used in a sentence: “ AAAHHHHHH, I GOT A TEEEXXXXXTTT” #TryAndReadThis #ReadingIsHard #PleasePutOnSuncream

Girl code

Origin: All of womankind
Definition: A code that women express a desire to keep to, to protect themselves against undesirables i.e. men that may make them feel bad about themselves and poor bra choices. Sometimes expressed as the term “ovaries before brovaries”
Used in a sentence: “I feel it’s good Girl Code to tell you that your boob is hanging out of your bikini top.”

Not being funny, but…

Origin: The section of humanity that genetically have no sense of humour.
Definition: Descending from the original sentence “I’m not racist, but….” This term is a more palatable way of bracing someone for the offensive remark you are about to make towards them or any other individual.
Used in a sentence: “I mean, not being funny, but…..he’s got the intelligence of a spoon.”

On paper

Origin: Japanese origami experts
Definition: An acting exercise which involves trying to convince people that what you wrote down on your requirements sheet is what you’re looking for, without them realising it’s a bunch of lies.
Used in a sentence: “It’s just, on paper, we should get on, but…I’m really interested in this other guy’s abs and personality of an orange, so….”

For those interested in seeing the most up to date version of the Love Island dictionary, you can search for them via the Love Island hashtag and watching the show with subtitles on. Although, please note, if you are going to do the latter, it is advised that you watch it alongside a Love Island veteran who can translate and provide a full historical background from the past 4 weeks as to what on earth these people are referring to.

Louise Atkinson for Pf Magazine


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