Carol Coombes O.B.E ~ Cracking Wellness


Carol Coombes was awarded an O.B.E, and an honorary doctorate from Birmingham City University, for her outstanding achievements in business and her tireless, compassionate, services to the voluntary sector in Birmingham.

We are supporting Carol, and many others, by sharing her stories. This is what she has to say about changing views on health, by looking at ‘wellness’ rather than ‘illness’.

Cracking Wellness

We’re gaining mass and notable support for Cracking Wellness: Please join, and spread the word?

This is a community owned initiative to find out more than we ever have about the human body, wellness, and illnesses including the biggest risk to Public Health for this generation: Cancer. I know we’ve all been affected by cancer, and we need to protect our kids. We’re gathering great notable people together to support this. We’re aiming to hugely enhance the impact and benefits of Public Health whilst reducing pressure on health providers.

Currently, all of us across the world only interact with health care systems at the point of illness. Only managing illness is measured, nothing about wellness as a standard. Myself, and a growing number of others are advocating Cracking Wellness () the intelligent use of current data and collation of wellness data. So much data is collected now, none of it used for public benefit, while incidences of chronic health conditions are continuing to soar, and the most vulnerable being rendered even more so.

This approach, looking toward what sustains and strengthens us would reduce pressure on health providers, equip us to Become Our Own Experts, and much more. We’re just bringing people to the notion of looking for the good, and it’s evolving as we go.

Because of my position, I’m working to get others to pick it up and develop it fully. It’s the first time apparently anyone’s thought of gathering wellness data – or using ours intelligently – so we’re having input from across the world, excitingly, as people start to get excited about the information this approach could bring. It’s not a service, based anywhere, it’s for something similar in nature to the NHS, but supporting wellness, not managing illness, to find new info about the body, and reduce pressure on our healthcare systems everywhere.

There’s a bit of early context here, though the situation has evolved somewhat.

I’ve recently had the only blood tests I’ve had in the 15 months. Despite being c 9 months past a potential sell-by date, the tests showed nothing untoward. We know very little about cancer. This would tell us about how our bodies manage all types of illness.

Ignoring all other illnesses, which we can’t, Cancer’s 1 in 2 minimum, current treatments are damaging. No kind approaches to the body are being assessed. Your influence could really help to change that, especially for under 16s, who have no choice of treatment.

Lots of great people, scientists, app developers, techies, are gathering to support this. We’d be really grateful if you would.

Carol Coombes O.B.E



4 replies on “Carol Coombes O.B.E ~ Cracking Wellness”

Thankyou. Cracking Wellness reached Tipping Point a few months ago, and I passed it on to the brilliant TAWS, The Active Wellbeing Sociry in Birmingham, who’ve experience of innovating in this space. A recent hack confirmed Cracking Wellness is the first to aim to do this, and generated more support to add to those already supporting. Thanks for sharing x CC


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