Woman Goes Food Shopping Hungover ~ and accidentally spends £1050.

“I didn’t think going food shopping hungover, and on an empty stomach, could lead to me buying aisle 4 in big Sainsbury’s”

The food shopping list of the woman who spent £1050 after going out the night before and enjoying: ‘triples for singles’, fish bowls and a night of general regret at a local bar, has come out.

From 48 bags of Thai Sweet Chilli Sensation crisps to 5 lbs of various slabs of chocolates, the list is extensive and is a clear illustration that everyone should prepare for a hungover day with either pre-junk food shopping, or always ensure Domino’s pizza vouchers are to hand.

The woman in question, Ms. T. Lilly. Lashed, 28, says she is mostly shocked that after a night out in London, there was any money left on her card to spend. ‘Part of me just thought, I can’t spend that much on food anyway as, after last night, there will be nothing in my account anyway.’

When asked if she had checked her bank account prior to going shopping Ms. Lashed said ‘are you joking!? I check my account once after payday and then basically avoid it like the plague until the following month. I guess it’s how most people would treat a gift card; you don’t know how much is left on it, but you use it and act generally surprised if there is anything left.’

Ms. Lashed also expressed how she was not overly concerned about the volume of items bought, or that she had to wander around a supermarket in a giant cat onesie with the tail missing, but that most of the items on her list were on some form of discount offer.

So she doesn’t understand how, with such great offers, she could have spent so much. ‘Hobknobs were buy one get two free. How does that add up to £1050!?’
She later went on to add ‘you can understand why people invented brunch; avoids hungover situations like this.’

Ms. Lash has been allowed to set up a monthly payment plan to pay off her large hangover cure. She is also now actively campaigning to have breathalysers installed at the front of all supermarkets on Sundays, meaning anyone over the limit will not be allowed to shop and will have a minimum of a 24-hour ban.

Please note, for the purpose of this article, we have researched what the most effective hangover cure is. Based on medical consultations, we can confirm that the best hangover cure is to be under 25 years of age.
Louise Atkinson for Pf Magazine




Louise is a comedian, writer and drunken robotics enthusiast. Originally from the cultural delights of Hull, she now lives in London and spends most of her days uttering the words ‘How much!?!’ in most London establishments.

She is also a keen meme and gif enthusiast and all of her Frankenstein creations can be found on her Twitter and Instagram pages.




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