Funny Poems

St. George And The Dragon ~ The Real Deal

Sunlight dapples a lake in Silene
As a valiant knight trots by on his steed.
There the people live in fear of a dragon,
Who rules the town with his menacing greed.
Every year it has been their custom
To present this beast with their finest lambs,
But now there’s a shortage of poor woolly friends
and the dragon eschews their burgers and hams.

“There’s an obvious solution!”
The town’s menfolk declare,
“We’ll throw him a maiden!”
The ladies look scared.
“Are you crazy?!” they cry,
With hands held aloft,
“We’ll slay him ourselves
if you’re all too soft!”

“Don’t get all woke on us”
The men start to huff;
The Princess steps forward,
“I think that’s enough!
I’ll talk to the dragon,
I love a good cause.”
As she makes her approach,
She’s grabbed in his jaws.

The princess screams out
as people stare at the saga:
“Get off me, you half wit,
This dress is Prada!”
She shouts to St George:
“Help! I can’t do this solo!”
St George shrugs his shoulders,
“Sure, after all, YOLO.”

Thus slayed he the dragon,
(Who felt rather bitter)
“Let us feast and be merry!
But first, get this on Twitter.”
The legend went viral,
Shared round the world.
George got the sponsors,
The likes and the girl.

Natalie Willbe for Pf Magazine

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