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Are You Spring Wardrobe Ready?

Hi Guys!!

Brrrrrr! Right?!

Yeah- I know- it’s April? Is it?! Yeah! I mean AS IF?! Am I right?!

But ladies it’s time to think about that difficult transition from your winter wardrobe to your Spring wardrobe.


Yeah I hear you Ladies!

If I’m completely honest with you guys I’m actually a…..yes, I’ll hold my hands up and say…controversially,  a lover of Winter dressing- I know- so sue me guys!! Come onnnnn! We all love our over-sized jumpers, with the sleeves too long over our hands so we look all cute for our boyfriends, and that in turn makes us look smaller and even more super-cute right?!

Yes! Now I know you’re back on side.

But I DO love sunglasses and floaty dresses and how the air feels floating up underneath them, so I am READY!

So you are in luck because you have me, to guide you, as Stylist, Model, Influencer and high-street shopping pro Kitty Pigeon, through this seasons trends and must-have-can’t-live-without- pieces for your wardrobe.

Ok, so first, it’s all about the Ruffles.  

Wear them big, off the shoulder, on dresses, on bags. Any kind of ruffles and you’ll be BANG on trend.  Here are some great looks I found out on the street #StreetStyle.


KP 1
Such a cute summery, totes wearable look for anyone spotted on this street styler in Hoxton last week.
KP 2
As you can see, some totes wearable-every-day looks and one’s you can dress up or down. SO versatile. Yay!

Ok so hang on laydeez before you rush off to buy those ruffles, keep that virtual basket open because you are going to need to know the other biggest trend this season….Fringing! It’s everywhere  right now and this town really IS big enough for both of these trends! LOLZ.

Take a look at these Pinterest-worthy outfits I saw whilst out on the street last week.

KP 3
#ThisGirl…  I spotted in Soho was really werking the look.
KP 4
Over in Shoreditch, these
fashionistas had the look DOWN.
Well jel of that headband Bae!






















Ok guys, that’s all for now. I’m off to Bromley in Kent  where I have been asked to speak at the new season Glades shopping centre show. A fashionista’s work is never done!  SEEYA! Xx MWAHxxx KP xxxx

Kitty Pigeon for Pf Magazine

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